The labs-Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer plays a key role in providing hands-on experience by applying their theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems.

Chemistry Lab
Our Chemistry Laboratory boasts a rich assortment of scientific equipment and solutions, capable of accommodating up to 24 students simultaneously. Stringent safety standards are rigorously upheld, and the laboratory features a dedicated storage facility for reagents.

Biology Lab & General Science Lab
In our Biology laboratory, ample space allows for the simultaneous accommodation of up to 25 students. Equipped with an extensive array of tools and instruments, it boasts a diverse collection of plant and animal specimens. Additionally, the lab features a dedicated storeroom, ensuring efficient storage. Adherence to stringent safety protocols is paramount. Our General Science Laboratory is outfitted with a comprehensive assortment of specimens, reagents, charts, and models, catering to a wide range of topics across all primary and secondary classes. This facilitates students in conducting scientific projects and fosters extended learning opportunities.



Computer Lab
Our computer facilities are segregated into separate labs catering to both junior and senior sections. Each lab is equipped with 22 computer systems, all of which have been upgraded with the necessary software to facilitate programming in Python for students in classes VIII- XII. In both the Senior and Junior Computer Labs, students have the opportunity to learn various programming languages and software including Python, Scratch, Tux Paint, HTML, Paintbrush, and MS-Office. Additionally, internet access is available on all computers across both labs.

Math Lab
Our school's Maths Lab provides an interactive learning environment for students to explore mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and experiments. Equipped with various mathematical tools and resources, it encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, students engage in dynamic learning experiences that enhance their understanding and appreciation of mathematics.

Physics Lab
Our Physics Laboratory is furnished with an array of scientific and electronic apparatus, ensuring comprehensive experimentation capabilities. Additionally, it maintains a supply of safety kits for student and staff use.


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